David Ames
Shihan , KwanMuZenDoKai Martial Arts Academy
David Ames Interview

David Ames is the shihan at the KwanMuZenDoKai Martial Arts Academy. Mr. Ames is an expert in karate and taekwondo instruction and attributes much of his success to his ethics. Mr. Ames has attained eighth dan member of the Senior Master's Caucus from the USA National Karate-Do Federation, seventh dan from the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation, sixth dan from the Dragon Wah Lum Tai Chi Association out of Hong Kong, and first dan from the United States Judo Association. He was only one of two people to receive the title of kyoshi from the KwanMuKan founder, George E. Anderson. He shares over 30 years of experience with the Elite Radio Network.

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David Ames   •  Akron, OH
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